challenge check in

challenge check in

So… I have a challenge problem. At the start of this year, I said that I was going to cut down on my challenges and goals and what not so as not to overwhelm myself. That didn’t really happen! Like at all… lol. I’m here to kind of check in and see where I’m at on my goals and kind of reevaluate where I stand and what not.

Blogging Goals

My first goal for 2017 was to post at least once a week. I’ve been pretty consistent with that, but I haven’t really been reviewing many books (due to the fact I haven’t been reading many review books). I’m okay with that, but I hope I can get back on track. I haven’t really been ensuring each post being over 500 words anymore. I do aim for a decent length and definitely a substantial post, but I’m not really paying attention to word count as much as I started out the year. So far I seem to be right on track with my blogging goals so that’s nice to see! Most times people fall off the wagon or slack off or what not by the end of the January so I’m happy I’m keeping up with things.

Reading Goals

This is definitely where things get interesting for me. I read WAY more than I thought I would in January so my main instinct is to raise my goal. However, if the end of the year is anything like the end of last year, I’m right on target.

overall goals

17 | 120 books → Like I siaid, I am WAY ahead, but I always have a slow down in the end of the year.
6,706 | 36,000 pages → I’ve read more pages than anticipated as well. I have been averaging about 394 pages a book.
12 | 60 female authors → I kind of figured that this goal would be an easy one to knock out, so I’m not really surprised where I’m at for the year.
03 | 48 male authors → I’m pretty okay with my progress here! I don’t read near as many male authors as I do female authors so it’s good to see progress. I just need to keep it up!
03 | 48 new to me authors → I want to say this one shocks me a little, but when I look at what I’ve read so far, I realize how much rereading and series installments I’ve read so that definitely takes away from this goal.
03 | 36 standalones → I am right on target for this one so I just need to keep it up! I’ve realized just how many series I read/start though.
03 | 36 review books → This is another goal that I need to keep my focus on. I go through phases of reading review books and I am currently in an off phase. I just need to make sure to not fall behind.
06 | 36 physical books → I’m a bit ahead here, but I’ve been focusing more on ebooks in the last couple weeks so I think everything will even out.
00% | 50% of what’s added to TBR in 2017 → Yeah… I need to get on this one. I’ve added like 20 books to my TBR and haven’t picked up a single one! Including review books was probably a not so good idea. 
01 | 08 completed series → I’ve been able to complete one series already and I have another one about to wrap up also! I think this is certainly achievable this year.
0 | 4 classics → I’m not necessarily behind, but I need to read one soon.
0 | 4 nonfiction books → As with the classics, I’m not behind, but I need to make sure I don’t fall behind.

reading challenges

I’m making good progress (like really good progress) on all my reading challenges. It’s nice to get ahead so I know that if life gets in the way, I could possibly still finish all my million reading challenges! (more like 25) lol


Overall I think I’m in a good place! I do need to slow down on my buddy reads and the fantasy before I get burned out. I think once we get a bit more into the new year things will lighten up as people kind of slow down and get back to the real world (myself included).

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