the YouTube black hole

the YouTube black hole

So this isn’t quite book related, but it’s something I want to talk about so here I am! I used to always hear about people who would watch all the YouTube and I never really understood it. How can someone waste so much time watching silly videos online?! Well, I get it guys. There is so much content on that site that it is so easy to just fall into the black hole that is YouTube. I am now OBSESSED. I watch quite a few videos everyday now! (sorry mobile data & wifi)

I am a pretty random person. I also have a weird habit with picking. It’s definitely an OCD behavior for me and it’s been a struggle to keep it under control. One thing I discovered that helped is popping videos (sorry if this is TMI). Thus, my foray into YouTube began! Then I started watching dog rescue videos and things just kind of spiraled from there. Thanks to YouTube, I discovered blind bag figurines (like Funko Mystery Minis) and I am now obsessed with those as well! There is just something so exciting about seeing what figurines people are getting and the excitement from when they get a rare one.

From there, I started watching vlogs and the such. Then I discovered peel-off masks! Those videos transitioned into beauty videos in general. From there I discovered my lifestyle channels which turned into bullet journals and now budgeting. Basically, if there is something I’m curious about or want to learn more about or anything really I go to YouTube.

Oddly, the one thing I haven’t quite ventured into is BookTube. I am not really a fan of reading reviews before I read a book so I don’t even really read reviews online or blogs. I don’t want someone else’s opinion affect what I may think going into a book. I am curious about BookTubers, but I don’t really want to watch channels that are heavy on reviews since that’s not really content that I would enjoy.

Do you guys have any good recommendations on channels? (book related or not) What are your favorite kinds of videos to watch?

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