all the buddy reads

all the buddy reads

Buddy reading books is one of the things that interested me about the blogosphere and Goodreads. Where I live, there aren’t really any book clubs that I’ve been able to participate in or anything. There are some of course at the libraries, but they tend to be geared towards an older crowd and on days that I’m not available. I’ve always wanted to discuss books with other people and just never really have had the chance. Even on Goodreads, the groups I used to be in didn’t really provide a lot of discussion. Thankfully, that has COMPLETELY changed in 2017.

January is almost over and I’ve been able to participate in like 3 buddy read/book discussions! I also have like another 3 set up! It’s been so nice reading all these books with people and discussing them! I’ve been able to expand my understanding of these books and get more out of what I’ve been reading and it’s been so nice. My one concern with all these buddy reads is the amount. I worry that I will burn myself out on them and will fall back into a wicked reading slump. It took so long to get out of one last year that I don’t want it to happen again! How do you balance buddy reads with your own personal reads and not overwhelming your schedule?

One issue I also have is that I am a mood reader so what may sound good 2 weeks ago may not necessarily be what I want to read NOW. It’s a hard balance! So far I’ve been able to balance it pretty well. For every buddy read book, I’m trying to read like two or three in between. There are also books I’m signed up to buddy read that I kind of don’t want to wait. I just want to read them now! I just have to keep that momentum up so that I don’t lose interest in particular books. I’m also trying to limit myself to no more than three buddy reads a month and I hope that it works out.

Overall, I’m glad I’m taking more of an active approach to my reading. I feel like I’m getting more out of it and I’m able to better understand what I’m reading. As a result, I’ve definitely been reading a lot more adult fiction. That’s been nice as well. I’m such a big young adult reader that sometimes it’s nice to challenge myself a little bit with the slightly more difficult books. I like the variety I’ve been getting and all that. I’ve also been able to knock off some harder challenge topics as a result as well! Gotta love when it all comes together and what not!

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