642 Things to Write About | Prompt 001

642 Things to Write About | Prompt 001

For Christmas, my husband and I received a book called 642 Things to Write About. I’ve always struggled with my writing so I was pretty excited to receive it. My husband was pretty indifferent so I just hijacked it for myself. lol I decided to share my experience with this book and what I write here on my blog (which is seriously terrifying). I’m not sure how often I’ll write or how often I’ll share here, but I am aiming for a personal goal to respond to at least 2 prompts a week. I want to try to dedicate at least 5 minutes to each prompt as well. Some of what I write may not make sense; it may be prose, it may be a poem, who knows!

Here goes nothing!


what can happen in a second

a breath
a flicker of hope

a heartbeat
a new life

the beat of a hummingbird’s wings
a raindrop hitting a windowpane

an exhale

a lifetime

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