2017 Reading & Blogging Goals

2017 Reading & Blogging Goals

I have this problem with setting goals or joining challenges. I can’t stop myself! Then halfway through the year I get sad/upset when I’m not reaching that goal or not able to finish a challenge. This past year I’ve been learning to set lower goals and to have more fun with it. The world will not end if I don’t reach all my goals or complete my reading challenges!

This year (2016) I lowered my overall goal for the year from 144 to 132. This is the first year I’ve ever lowered my reading goal; I’ve always raised it! I just fell into such a wicked reading and blogging slump in October that everything got thrown off. It’s okay though! Taking that step back with my reading and with my blogging has been a really good choice for me. I’ve really been able to enjoy it again. I just need to keep that mindset up and not beat myself up if things don’t go the way I had planned!

2017 Blogging Goals

In years past I’ve always set so many different goals for my blog, but this year I’m not! I would like to post at least once a week (I used to try for like 3-5 times a week!). It’s what I’ve been managing after that horrible blogging slump so that should be pretty easy to maintain. I have also been trying to keep each post over 500 words. I’ve been pretty successful with that and it has definitely helped push my writing and review style. That’s about it for blogging goals! I’m trying to keep it basic and fun and way less stressful than I have in years past.

2017 Reading Goals

This is where I’ve gone a bit overboard. I’ve signed up for so many challenges and have so many goals in relation to reading BUT I already know I won’t complete them all and I’m okay with that! It’s the attempt that I feel should count.

overall goals

120 books→ 30 books / quarter
36,000 pages→ 9,000 pages / quarter
60 female authors→ 15 books / quarter
48 male authors→ 12 books / quarter
48 new to me authors→ 12 books / quarter
36 standalones→ 9 books / quarter
36 review books→ 9 books / month
36 physical books→ 9 books / quarter
50% of what’s added to TBR in 2017→ include review books
8 completed series→ 2 series / quarter
4 classics→ 1 book / quarter
4 nonfiction books→ 1 book / quarter

reading challenges

yearly challenges
Around the Year Challenge – 52 books
Mount TBR (Physical Book Edition)– 36 books
Mount TBR (Review Edition) – 36 books
Every Year Challenge – 30 books
Diversity by Month – 12 books
Genre Bingo Challenge – 10 books | 2 bingos
Popsugar Reading Challenge – 26 books
Serial Reader Challenge – 40 books
TBR Randomiser Challenge – 12 books
Listopia Challenge – 15 books
Color Challenge – 15 books
A to Z Locations Challenge – 20 books

quarterly challenge
Quarterly Bingo – 20 books

other challenges
Millionaire Challenge – 1,000,000 pages
Around the Year Rejects Challenge – 50 books
Road Trip in the States – 50 books
Nancy Drew – 56 books

As you can tell, I am signed up for A LOT of reading challenges. The yearly challenges I would like to get at least 75% through them. The quarterly challenge is definitely just for fun. I’m just curious to see how well I do with it. The other challenges are not meant to be completed within a year. They are either a lifetime goal (millionaire challenge), a see how many you can cross off goal (around the year rejects challenge), or a multi-year goal (road trip in the states & Nancy Drew). I’ve linked each challenge to the group I found them in so if you want to check them out you can. There are a few that are my own personal challenges so there is no link to provide.

I may or may not create a page to share my progress with these challenges and goals. I’m not sure yet! Either way, I feel really good about my goals for next year. I just need to remember to not stress myself out with them and that it’s okay not to complete every challenge. I got this!

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