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2017 Reading & Blogging Goals

2017 Reading & Blogging Goals

I have this problem with setting goals or joining challenges. I can’t stop myself! Then halfway through the year I get sad/upset when I’m not reaching that goal or not able to finish a challenge. This past year I’ve been learning to set lower goals and to have more fun with it. The world will not end if I don’t reach all my goals or complete my reading challenges!

This year (2016) I lowered my overall goal for the year from 144 to 132. This is the first year I’ve ever lowered my reading goal; I’ve always raised it! I just fell into such a wicked reading and blogging slump in October that everything got thrown off. It’s okay though! Taking that step back with my reading and with my blogging has been a really good choice for me. I’ve really been able to enjoy it again. I just need to keep that mindset up and not beat myself up if things don’t go the way I had planned!

2017 Blogging Goals

In years past I’ve always set so many different goals for my blog, but this year I’m not! I would like to post at least once a week (I used to try for like 3-5 times a week!). It’s what I’ve been managing after that horrible blogging slump so that should be pretty easy to maintain. I have also been trying to keep each post over 500 words. I’ve been pretty successful with that and it has definitely helped push my writing and review style. That’s about it for blogging goals! I’m trying to keep it basic and fun and way less stressful than I have in years past.

2017 Reading Goals

This is where I’ve gone a bit overboard. I’ve signed up for so many challenges and have so many goals in relation to reading BUT I already know I won’t complete them all and I’m okay with that! It’s the attempt that I feel should count.

overall goals

120 books→ 30 books / quarter
36,000 pages→ 9,000 pages / quarter
60 female authors→ 15 books / quarter
48 male authors→ 12 books / quarter
48 new to me authors→ 12 books / quarter
36 standalones→ 9 books / quarter
36 review books→ 9 books / month
36 physical books→ 9 books / quarter
50% of what’s added to TBR in 2017→ include review books
8 completed series→ 2 series / quarter
4 classics→ 1 book / quarter
4 nonfiction books→ 1 book / quarter

reading challenges

yearly challenges
Around the Year Challenge – 52 books
Mount TBR (Physical Book Edition)– 36 books
Mount TBR (Review Edition) – 36 books
Every Year Challenge – 30 books
Diversity by Month – 12 books
Genre Bingo Challenge – 10 books | 2 bingos
Popsugar Reading Challenge – 26 books
Serial Reader Challenge – 40 books
TBR Randomiser Challenge – 12 books
Listopia Challenge – 15 books
Color Challenge – 15 books
A to Z Locations Challenge – 20 books

quarterly challenge
Quarterly Bingo – 20 books

other challenges
Millionaire Challenge – 1,000,000 pages
Around the Year Rejects Challenge – 50 books
Road Trip in the States – 50 books
Nancy Drew – 56 books

As you can tell, I am signed up for A LOT of reading challenges. The yearly challenges I would like to get at least 75% through them. The quarterly challenge is definitely just for fun. I’m just curious to see how well I do with it. The other challenges are not meant to be completed within a year. They are either a lifetime goal (millionaire challenge), a see how many you can cross off goal (around the year rejects challenge), or a multi-year goal (road trip in the states & Nancy Drew). I’ve linked each challenge to the group I found them in so if you want to check them out you can. There are a few that are my own personal challenges so there is no link to provide.

I may or may not create a page to share my progress with these challenges and goals. I’m not sure yet! Either way, I feel really good about my goals for next year. I just need to remember to not stress myself out with them and that it’s okay not to complete every challenge. I got this!

Red Velvet Crush by Christina Meredith

Red Velvet Crush by Christina Meredith

Red Velvet Crush by Christina MeredithRed Velvet Crush by Christina Meredith
Published by HarperCollins on June 14th 2016
Source: edelweiss
Teddy Lee’s mother ran off when she was in second grade. And ever since, Teddy Lee, the often-overshadowed middle kid, has tried to keep her family together. But her older brother Winston usually keeps himself busy with smoking, drinking, and girls, and who knows what else. Her younger sister Billie is occupied with her shoplifting habit and boys . . . and who knows what else. So when Teddy Lee finally takes the songs she’s always written and forms a band, maybe it’ll bring everyone closer together, maybe it’ll be her time to shine. Unless Billie steals the spotlight—and the boy—just like she always does. Christina Meredith explores the complicated relationship of sisters—both the unconditional love and the unavoidable resentments—in a novel full of music, urgency, the first blushes of love, and the undeniable excitement of hitting the road.

I received this book for free from edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

I was really looking forward to this book. I love books involving music and bands that potentially make it big. I also am always curious to read books that involve relationships between sisters that may not be ideal relationships. Since this book had both of those factors I figured ‘why wouldn’t I like it?’. Things just didn’t really click or come together the way they could have. It was almost there, but didn’t quite get it.

I loved the names of the sisters, Teddy Lee and Billie. The names in general were actually pretty good. It’s kind of sad that my favorite part may have been the names… Teddy Lee is the middle child (they have an older brother Winston) and you can definitely tell. She really struggled to find her own identity and do things for herself. Sadly, she never really was able to figure it out. Billie definitely knew who she was and despite being a mess, at least she stayed true to her character. I never really got a good understanding of Winston. Teddy Lee would always talk about how he used to be and all that, but it seemed so different than who he was by the time we meet him.

The band was a bit more interesting. I never really got the appeal of Ty. There was never really a spark or connection that I caught. I was also not so sure about what happened with him. I sort of understand his past, but I’m still not sure what happened with Billie. Ginger Baker was definitely an interesting character. I’m so curious to learn more about him and why he is SO selective in who he talks to. I was seriously hoping for Teddy Lee and him to end up together instead of Ty randomly reappearing. I was seriously rooting for them in the end. They were cute with each other and I think he was so much better for her. Alas, it’s doubtful that my OTP will come to be.

One of the biggest issues I had with this book was what the expectation was from the synopsis and what really happened with Teddy Lee and Billie. It states that the author “explores the complicated relationship of sisters” and while there is that complicated relationship, I wouldn’t say that it was explored. They never really feel like sisters to me. Their relationship is so one note and there’s not really any change to it, I just didn’t believe it. I have older twin sisters and their relationship is what I view to be a complicated sister relationship. Maybe I just have high expectations in this subject…

Overall, I enjoyed the book but I was not really impressed by it. I’m not sure if I’ll read another by this author, but I’m not necessarily against it. I just really wish there was a more dynamic relationship between the sisters and I really wish that Teddy Lee was able to really find herself and to grow as a person. Things were left so open and unresolved. Sadly, not a highlight of the year for me.

Epic Summer Reads 2017

Epic Summer Reads 2017

I am a huge fan of Epic Reads (part of HarperCollins) and the books that they promote. For each season they compile a list of books that are releasing from the YA divisions of HarperCollins. Here is what I am most excited for from their Summer 2017 lineup!

✓ Deacon Locke Went to Prom by Brian Katcher
✓ Dividing Eden by Joelle Charbonneau
✓ Dress Codes for Small Towns by Courtney C. Stevens
✓ Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia
✓ Everything All at Once by Katrina Leno
✓ Grit by Gillian French
✓ How Dare the Sun Rise by Sandra Uwiringiyimana
I See London, I See France by Sarah Mlynowski
✓ If Birds Fly Back by Carlie Sorosiak
✓ Romancing the Throne by Nadine Jolie Courtney
✓ The Art of Feeling by Laura Tims
✓ The Art of Starving by Sam J. Miller
✓ The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice & Virtue by Mackenzi Lee
✓ The Secret History of Us by Jessi Kirby
✓ These Things I’ve Done by Rebecca Phillips
✓ This is How It Happened by Paula Stokes
✓ You Don’t Know Me But I Know You by Rebecca Barrow
✓ 16 Ways to Break a Heart by Lauren Strasnick
Four Weeks, Five People by Jennifer Yu
✓ Little Wrecks by Meredith Miller
When It’s Real by Erin Watt

That really seems like a lot of books (which is not a bad thing) but that’s only 21 books out of 60! I think that’s a fair amount but not too much. I’ll be putting little checkmarks next to each one as they are made available to request for review on Edelweiss. That way I can keep track of which ones to keep my eyes out for still!

What titles are you looking forward to the most next year? Share in the comments below!

Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall

Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall

Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise GornallUnder Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall
Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt on January 3rd 2017
Source: Netgalley
Norah has agoraphobia and OCD. When groceries are left on the porch, she can’t step out to get them. Struggling to snag the bags with a stick, she meets Luke. He’s sweet and funny, and he just caught her fishing for groceries. Because of course he did.

Norah can’t leave the house, but can she let someone in? As their friendship grows deeper, Norah realizes Luke deserves a normal girl. One who can lie on the front lawn and look up at the stars. One who isn’t so screwed up.

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

When this book comes out early next month-you need to read it ASAP. It is such a touching and honest take on mental health and the right amount of romance and adorableness and it is just perfect. Just trust me. You can honestly tell that the author has had first hand experience with these conditions and isn’t trying to share what she thinks it COULD be like, but instead, what she knows it can be like (if that makes sense). If you also suffer from anxiety and depression and such, I do want to warn you that there could be triggers (there was for me) so reader beware. As much as I want everyone to read this, I know that may not entirely be possible.

This review is going to get personal a bit later on so I’m sorry if you want a review that focuses solely on the book. That’s not what you’ll find in this one.

From the get go, you could really feel Norah’s struggle with life. She can’t go outside without facing an extreme panic attack, she has severe anxiety (especially with germs and what ifs and all the bad things that can happen), and has OCD. You fall right into her brain and her thought process and her anxiety with going outside and germs and OCD and everything. I loved following her on her journey to get help from Dr. Reeves. I loved that it wasn’t like an instant fix. She didn’t go to the good doctor once and get better. She had to work through things and made steps forward and made steps backwards.

I (unofficially) suffer from pretty bad anxiety and also have a history with self-harm. Experiencing this journey with Norah really made me reflect on my journey with mental health. Growing up I dealt with severe depression. Losing my mom at such a young age and some of the things I experienced growing up made life difficult for me to handle. There is also a history of clinical depression in my family so there were really two factors to this. As a result, one of the ways I tried to cope was self-harm.

Reading the scenes involving Norah and her thought process with it really hit home for me. It really made me self-reflect on how I handle things to this day. I may not self-harm as extremely as I do, but I do little things that would fall under that umbrella.

I also suffer from anxiety. I used to smoke cigarettes (for about 8 years) and when I quit, my anxiety really reared its ugly head. I can’t drive long distances (long being more than like 20 minutes). When my husband and I are going across town (which can take 45 minutes), I tend to average at least one mild panic attack en route. While my anxiety is more manageable than what many people suffer from, it has impacted my life in negative ways. I also think of the what ifs and the bad things and panic about something that hasn’t even really happened. I just can’t help it. The worst part of my social anxiety definitely is my social anxiety. I have a hard time being social on Twitter without experiencing some level of panic and terror. It’s been rough (especially since I work retail and have to work with and around people as much as I do).

This book in general really made me self-reflect on how I’ve been taking care of myself mentally and the state of my mental health and more than likely that I do need to seek out help.


I absolutely adored Luke. He was so adorable and persistent but understanding and really tried to be there for Norah. At first I wasn’t sure if he was really understanding her illness or not, but after that kiss-he really did try to learn about it. He really did seem to care about her and wanted to be there on her level and at her pace. He was just too cute and I think they were good for each other. I liked that he was there to support Norah and not really direct her life in a way he thought best. He was truly a supporting character but not unimportant to the story.

I also really liked Norah’s relationship with her mother. Her mom was definitely there for her and understood and tried to really care for and help her daughter. I loved how close they were and how much they cared for each other. So many times in YA literature do you see where the main character does not get along with her parents or there is the whole absent parent thing. Yes, there were parts where her mom was absent, but it made sense for the story and it wasn’t absent in the sense she didn’t care for Norah.

Overall, this is definitely one of my favorite books of the year (if not a favorite of all time). I feel mental health should be a topic more in YA and this is a great example of what it could be.

Blood, Bullets, and Bones by Bridget Heos

Blood, Bullets, and Bones by Bridget Heos

Blood, Bullets, and Bones by Bridget HeosBlood, Bullets, and Bones by Bridget Heos
Published by HarperCollins on October 4th 2016
Source: edelweiss
Ever since the introduction of DNA testing, forensic science has been in the forefront of the public’s imagination, thanks especially to popular television shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. But forensic analysis has been practiced for thousands of years. Ancient Chinese detectives studied dead bodies for signs of foul play, and in Victorian England, officials used crime scene photography and criminal profiling to investigate the Jack the Ripper murders. In the intervening decades, forensic science has evolved to use the most cutting-edge, innovative techniques and technologies.

In this book, acclaimed author Bridget Heos uses real-life cases to tell the fascinating history of modern forensic science, from the first test for arsenic poisoning to fingerprinting, firearm and blood spatter analysis, DNA evidence, and all the important milestones in between. By turns captivating and shocking, Blood, Bullets, and Bones demonstrates the essential role forensic science has played in our criminal justice system.

I received this book for free from edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

It should not be news that I am deeply interested in forensics and true crime. There is just something about the psychology behind the scenes (?) that I find fascinating. When I was given an opportunity to read this book, how could I say no?! One of the more interesting things about this book is that it is intended to be a YA book! I personally have not seen a nonfiction book like this geared towards that age group (and I love it!).

The way this book reads is really nice. It’s not boring or overloaded with information and the science makes sense (despite science being one of my worst subjects). It gives just enough information to explain what it is trying to, but still peaks your interest to possibly research it further if you choose. The flow of the book was nice as well. It was fairly true to the evolution of forensic science. It really built on the topics instead of jumping all over the place and introducing things and science without any previous understanding of it. For those of us where science is not our friend, this building on the material was much appreciated.

While I appreciated the flow of the book on a whole, the flow in some of the chapters threw me a bit off. Each chapter was set up to focus on one particular facet of forensic science (i.e. fingerprints). I noticed in some of the chapters that the chapter would start on topic, but by the end it was focusing on another topic. There was just a lot of unnecessary segues happening and it would throw me off. I just found myself getting pulled out of the book way too easily as a result.

I also noticed that some chapters and sections were rushed whereas other areas just dragged on. In the sections that dragged I think there was just too many examples showcasing that particular part of forensic science. I wish it had been a bit more equal across the board. Some of the examples were so brief I’m still not sure why they were included. I did like that they included some popular cases (i.e. Jack the Ripper), but there were also cases that I haven’t heard about (which is kind of impressive lol). There were older cases, newer cases, and so many different examples in between.

I really iked that this book also touched on the faults for each part of forensic science. With science evolving and theories always changing and all that jazz, forensic science will never be perfect. Some of the theories they even discuss are used to guide an investigation, but not to prove anything (if that makes sense).

I think this is a good introduction to forensic science for those who are curious about it. There’s the history and the theories and examples and the evolution and it’s all in such an easy to understand format. Even though I’ve read a lot and have watched a lot involving true crime and forensic science, there were things that I learned by reading this. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in this topic, for sure!

Thoughts | Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Thoughts | Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

I love Gilmore Girls. It has become one of my top favorite shows ever. I was first introduced to it back in… 2011 I think. Obviously at that point, it wasn’t on air anymore and all the seasons were available on DVD. I bought the first season on sale and binge watched it and fell in love. I ended up buying the rest of the seasons and the rest is history! I have probably watched the entire series at least 3 or 4 times in the last 5 years. When I heard that Gilmore Girls was going to be on Netflix last year I was thrilled. It made it so much easier to binge watch! Then, when it was announced that there was going to be a revival I was so pumped.

Well, the revival is here and I’m going to share my thoughts!

Going into the revival I had a few things that I hoped would happen and things I wanted answers to.

#teamJess | I am definitely #teamJess so I was hoping that he would be back and would play an important role. I was also hoping in the same vein that Rory’s love life wouldn’t really be a focal point. The entire series always focused more on her relationship with her mom than her love life which I always appreciated.

Lorelai and Luke | I always wanted them to end up together and the end of the original series left it so open. I was worried! Lorelai was always all over the place with her relationships so I was hoping this one would stick.

Lane | I loved Lane in the original series and I so hoped she would be a total rockstar in the revival and fulfill all her dreams.

Richard | Richard was my favorite part of Richard and Emily. When the actor who played him passed away, I was curious how they would address it in the series. Would they just pretend he was traveling the whole time? Would they have the character pass in the show?

I ended up watching the revival over two days. At an hour and a half each, over Black Friday weekend (I work retail), I’m surprised I was able to watch it so quickly! The first three episodes were alright, but Fall (number four) was seriously my favorite. Instead of recapping or reviewing each one separately (it’s been too long and the lines between them are blurry), I’m just going to share my thoughts on things in general! If you haven’t watched the series, there will be spoilers from here!

Rory | I’m not going to lie and say that I loved Rory in this revival. I feel like her story wasn’t quite what I wanted or really could expect from her. She was also so sure of what she wanted and her morals and her plans and herself. It was odd seeing her so adrift. Seeing as how I am at a similar age, I can definitely understand the feeling lost and unsure. I just didn’t quite expect it from Rory. I also really did not like how she treated Paul. I feel like he was just there to create humor and that whole story line didn’t add to anything. It just made me not like her a bit. It did seem she was a bit stronger on her feet by the end, but it took so long to get her there it was just annoying… I just had such higher hopes for her character. I also didn’t like the easy way out of her writing a book called Gilmore Girls. It just seemed to cliche and something we’ve seen before in other shows (Gossip Girl anyone?)

Lorelai | I really liked where Lorelai’s story went. I loved that she was still with Luke (yay!) and I loved that they kind of poked fun at how she does focus on herself and not really on others. I think she was able to grow a bit leading into this revival and during it. It was also nice seeing how much she really did like Michel and how much she did not want to lose him. I also kind of liked seeing her in therapy. In a way, I feel like it’s just one of the ways that Hollywood can show that mental care is important and not something that should be so hush, hush. The one think with her journey I didn’t like was the whole silly Wild moment. I feel like it didn’t really add to the story and it was dragged out way too long.

Lane | We got so little of Lane in this revival it was seriously upsetting! She’s still just being a mom and supporting Zach versus going out and conquering the music world like I envisioned. I did appreciate that Hep Alien was still together and making music. I just had such high hopes for Lane and I feel like her life didn’t really change which makes me really sad.

Sookie | I loved Sookie and when I first heard of the revival, there weren’t plans for her character to be in it (boo!). Luckily, they were able to make schedules align and she was able to make an appearance (yay!). Her appearance did leave a lot to be desired though. I think it could have gone better if the reason why she was absent made more sense. To have her off in nature on a farm and whatnot seemed odd. I feel like that was more fitting to be Jackson. Sookie could have been off being a chef somewhere far away and fancy or something.

Logan | Ugh. I was never a fan of Logan and I am still not a fan. It’s not that I dislike him as a person, but I just don’t like him with Rory. Their whole arrangement while Rory is in London was so odd. It wasn’t like Rory and I feel like if Logan really cared for her, he wouldn’t be encouraging something like this. I know the whole things is supposed to be reminiscent of Lorelai and Christopher, but just nope, not a fan.

The Life & Death Brigade | This whole montage set to ‘With a Little Help From My Friends’ (the Across the Universe version) was probably my favorite part of this whole revival. Did it make sense? Nope. Was it kind of out there? Yup! I just absolutely love the Beatles and this montage was so true to the aesthetic of the Life and Death Brigade. I felt it was really well done.

Emily | Emily was never my favorite character, but I think she was one of them in this revival. She really showed growth and it was really nice seeing her path from being married to someone for 50 years to being alone for the first time in even longer. All the stuff with Berta was a bit much, but it kind of showed her adopting a new family (so to speak).

Paris | I didn’t understand how she ended up being in charge of a fertility clinic. That was such a random place for her to show up and for her path to take her. I still don’t get it. I liked that she was the same old Paris, full of sass and attitude, but it was just in weird context. I really hope her and Doyle get back together. They were seriously meant to be!

Jess | Jess was perfect. I really liked that he was able to have a voice of reason for Rory. He’s changed so much from when we first met him and I still believe he would be so perfect for Rory. They have that spark when they’re with each other and it is so meant to be and it just needs to happen already!

the last four words | I honestly guessed what the last four words would probably be. I thought of what could be one of the most frustrating ways for the show to end and thought to myself that it’s probably how it would end. I guessed Rory would be pregnant and the show would end and we would live with that silly cliffhanger. I really hope they decided there’s more story to tell because it would just be amazing to see them go through this journey and I think it would really bring it full circle (excuse the run on). I doubt they’ll do more of the show, but we can dream!

So there you go. Here are my thoughts for the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life revival. There were some good moments and some pretty bad moments, but I still really liked it. I really, really hope they do make more, but I doubt they will.

If you’ve watched it, what did you think?

Take the Fall by Emily Hainsworth

Take the Fall by Emily Hainsworth

Take the Fall by Emily HainsworthTake the Fall by Emily Hainsworth
Published by HarperCollins on February 16th 2016
Source: edelweiss
Fear grips the residents of Hidden Falls the night Sonia Feldman and her best friend, Gretchen Meyer, are attacked in the woods. Sonia was lucky to escape with her life, but Gretchen’s body is discovered at the bottom of a waterfall. Beautiful, popular, and seemingly untouchable, Gretchen can’t be gone. Even as Sonia struggles with guilt and confusion over having survived, the whole town is looking to her for information…could she have seen something that will lead the police to the killer?

At the top of the list of suspects is Gretchen’s ex-boyfriend—and Sonia’s longtime enemy—Marcus Perez. So when Marcus comes to Sonia for help clearing his name, she agrees, hoping to find evidence the police need to prove he’s the killer. But as Gretchen’s many secrets emerge and the suspects add up, Sonia feels less sure of Marcus’s involvement, and more afraid for herself. Could Marcus, the artist, the screwup, the boy she might be falling for have attacked her? Killed her best friend? And if it wasn’t him in the woods that night…who could it have been?

I received this book for free from edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Mystery books are one of my guilty pleasures. I love mystery and crime and whodunits. I’ve always had a hard time finding books in those genres in young adult. Take the Fall by Emily Hainsworth technically falls into these categories, but it was just not the book for me. This review will probably have quite a few spoilers so I would be careful from here on out.

The plot in this book is really where I struggled. I liked the characters (for the most part). Sonia was alright. You could tell that losing her friend, Gretchen, really did affect her. It was like she wasn’t used to be by herself or being herself without Gretchen there (if that makes sense). Basically, it was like she had no identity outside of this friendship. I also feel like that she didn’t really grieve the loss of her friend. With the crazy twist at the end, it kind of makes sense, but even with those circumstances I feel like Sonia should have felt grief on some level. Kristen on the other hand was just crazy. It was hard to tell at times if she was crazy with grief or just crazy.

I was pretty indifferent in regards to Marcus and the other characters. Marcus had such potential. He has the misunderstood artist with a rough past and a top suspect in the case. As soon as I started to be okay with him, the whole twist happened and it seemed like everything was just so fake and that was really a let down. Kip seemed to be just a random person added to the mix. Everyone at the diner felt unnecessary to the story as well. It’s frustrating to have a book where seemingly important characters could be taken out of the story, and it not really change anything. Why are they in the book to begin with?

The biggest issue I had with this book was the plot though. It felt like it was all over the place, but dragged out and stagnant all at the same time. I tend to guess throughout mysteries on who I think did it and this book was no exception. I actually guessed right at one point, but I never really got any evidence or proof or anything to support it so I just put that thought aside. When we found out who did it, it was honestly a surprise. Once it was explained, it made sense, but it definitely wasn’t my first instinct nor did I entirely want to believe it. Overall, the plot on this was that there was a stellar beginning, sloooow middle, and lackluster ending.

That twist though! It did keep me guessing (so one point in books favor), but it was just too out there! SPOILERS AHEAD! I guessed it was Sonia, but as the story went on I lost that thought because nothing really connected to that theory. As it went on, I did start leaning that it was her sister. I honestly wish it was! It would have made more sense and I think would have made a bigger impact. I also thought that the way they portrayed Gretchen, with all her vindictiveness and manipulativeness was a bit much. It was just one bad thing after another. There was never really a redeeming point to her which was kind of odd that so many people circled her and seemed to really love her.

Overall, I just did not click with this book. There are definitely some mixed reviews so I would say to give it a shot, but I’ve definitely experienced better mystery books in young adult.